Photonics Hub Online Seminar: UV fibers for UV spectroscopy: current status

Multimode UV-fibers with high-OH synthetic silica core and F-doped silica cladding have been available for many decades. Before 1990, the spectral UV-range above 250 nm wavelength was commonly used,...

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Photonics in the Automotive Ecosystem Conference

Photonic Israel together with OptechBB is organizing a conference on Automotive. Leaders in the Automotive Ecosystem from Israel and from the international Photonics communities will present various...
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27th International Semiconductor Laser Conference – ISLC20201

It is a great pleasure to welcome you to the 27th International Semiconductor Laser Conference (ISLC), which will take place in Potsdam.  Potsdam is one of Germany's most beautiful cities and only a...

10.10.2021 - 14.10.2021 external Event