Training Master Optical Design with QUADOA® Optical CAD

Quadoa® Optical CAD is the first sequential and multi-sequential optical design software for the complete prototyping process of optical systems. The 2‑day training seminar offers an introduction to optics development with QUADOA® Optical CAD. Step by step, participants familiarize themselves with the features and functions of software.

Detailed seminar description

On the first day, the training class participants will learn how to set-up, analyze, and optimize an optical system in Quadoa environment. In addition to an introduction to the graphical user interface of Quadoa, basic optical principles will be taught by experienced optical design experts.

The main purpose of this first day is to enable participants to develop optimized optical design drafts and evaluate their performance against different criteria.

The second day covers “advanced” features needed for the optical design process, like set-up of multiple configurations, more complicated optimization, sensitivity analysis, tolerancing, mechanical STEP import, and much more.

At the end of the second day, participants will be able to develop complex optical design drafts and assess their as-built performance. During the 2‑day training seminar, it will be possible to take topic requests from participants into account and to review individual optical design set-ups. After the two days of training, the participants are able to independently carry out simple and advanced optical design tasks with QUADOA® Optical CAD.

Content of the program days
Day 1: Set your own optical system up & optimize it | 10.00 – 17.00

    System set-up (Shapes, 3D Setup, Materials, Sequence & source definition)
    Analysis (Spot, Aberrations, MTF)
    Basic optimization & math expressions

Day 2: Finalize your system setup with assessed tolerances | 08.30 – 15.30

    Advanced system set-up (Multi-config, coating)
    Analysis (Ghosts)
    Advanced optimization
    Tolerancing (Sensitivity & Monte Carlo)
    Mechanics (Step import /export)

Intended Audience

The training seminar is designed for professionals within the optical industry, including optical designer, optical engineers, and mechanical engineers. Basic knowledge of optics & optical design concepts is assumed.


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14.11.2023 - 15.11.2023
10 am Uhr - 5 pm Uhr


Technology and Innovation Park Jena (TIP)

The training is held by Tim Baldsiefen and Kseniia Zavatskaia from Photonics Precision Engineering, bringing together over 17 years of combined experience in high-end optical design across a wide range of fields, including lithography, imaging, interferometry, and laser-material processing.

During the seminar, Jens Siepmann from Quadoa Optical CAD will be on hand to directly answer advanced software-related questions.

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