Summerschool 2018 Light and light sources

OSRAM Learning Campus

For more than 100 years OSRAM provides excellent light. You can benefit from our know-how by attending our seminars which will take place at the campus of the original foundation ground of OSRAM in Berlin.

We offer the following seminars:


  • Conventional Light sources and the physics oflight creation
  • Optics and Illumination, Light planning
  • Color, Visual and Healthiness
  • Application in Automotive Illumination,Entertainment, Medical Solutions and UV

Participants will be introduced into the basics of light engineering. Our target groups are students and staff/instructors involved with light (Research &Development, Engineering, Marketing, Sales,Controlling, Management, Architecture).


  • June 18–22, 2018
  • August 20–24, 2018

The seminars will be held in German but can alsobe offered in English if required. The training session will be held for 6 hours per daydivided into 4 blocks of 90 minutes. An individual arrangement of subjects is generally possible.

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Logo OSRAM Learning Campus Berlin

18.06.2018 - 22.06.2018


OSRAM GmbH Learning Campus, Nonnendammallee 44, 13629 Berlin

Markus Demmert, Light Design, Berlin
Prof. Dr. Peter Flesch (TU Berlin), Lamp Development, Berlin
Clemens Hofmann, Applications Engineering, Regensburg
Stefan Illek, Product Development, Regensburg
André Köhler, Sales, Berlin
Dr. Erwin Lang, Products, Applications & Marketing, Regensburg
Nico Morgenbrod, Business Development, Berlin
Dr. Henning Rehn, Development, Berlin
Jenny Trommer, Application Engineering, Herbrechtingen
Dr. Daniel Weissenberger, Application Engineering, Herbrechtingen
Andreas Wojtysiak, Corporate Innovation, München
Dr. Guillaume Wiederhirn, Development, Berlin

OSRAM Learning Campus Berlin
OSRAM GmbH Learning Campus, Nonnendammallee 44, 13629 Berlin

+49 30 3386-2336