LightTrans User Meetup • Crystals & Microlens Arrays and How to Model Them

LightTrans User Meetups are a new way of interacting virtually with LightTrans optical engineers and sales representatives.

An all-new version of the fast physical optics software VirtualLab Fusion, 2021.1, was recently released. The new features and refined technology of this latest version facilitate more convenient and efficient simulations across a range of different applications.Microlens arrays (MLAs) and the inclusion of anisotropic media are two of the most prominent. That is why we have selected them as the main topics of our coming meetup.

Choose your preferred way of interacting with LightTrans on 15 September:

LightTrans offers two options for you to interact with the engineering and sales team:

  • Meet up with Experts: Save your 45 min one-on-one meeting slot to chat with a VirtualLab Fusion expert fitting to your questions to learn more about the new features related to these applications.
  • Join the Virtual Lab Fusion Lounge: Chat with Sales and Optical Engineering experts all things related business and our newest release 2021.1.

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15.09.2021    10:00 Uhr - 17:45 Uhr

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