VirtualLab Fusion Release 2021.1 Solution Driven Applications

Bildquelle: LightTrans International UG

After several months of development, we provide all users of our software VirtualLab Fusion the new version 2021.1 with many new features which enable solutions of more applications. The version 2021.1 comprises further developments of the field tracing technology and new components, sources, and detectors. With each version we try to simplify the usage of the modeling features in VirtualLab Fusion. The seamless transition from a full physical optics modeling to a ray optical modeling is one of the amazing features of VirtualLab Fusion.

Microlens Array:  A new Microlens Array (MLA) Component enables accurate and fast modeling of the ever-increasing number of applications of MLA.

Crystal Plate Component: Any type of crystals can be included in system modeling by the new Crystal Plate Component.

Fiber Mode Calculator: We provide a Fiber Mode Calculator to analyze and investigate LP Bessel and LP Laguerre modes for step index and parabolic index fibers.

Anisotropic layers: Those can be added to all surfaces to exploit the extra freedom of polarization control and multiplexing in optical systems.

New Workflow: In version 2021.1 we come with a new workflow which enables a seamless transition from ray to full physical-optics modeling. This way we simplify the usage of the amazing modeling features in VirtualLab Fusion. 

Read more about the exciting new applications, features and workflows in our 2021.1 VirtualLab Fusion Release:


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