Sphere Optics: Shutter modules from Nanomotion for infrared cameras

Improved accuracy of remote temperature measurements for fever detection

The RS08 from Nanomotion is a rotary, piezoelectric shutter that is being deployed in infrared

cameras to improve the accuracy of remote temperature measurements.

It is the first shutter of its kind, utilizing Nanomotion’s patented miniature piezo motor embedded in an 8 mm x 20 mm housing including the drive electronics. The shutter features silent operation (~15dB) combined with fast travel speeds of the blade (90° in 130 ms). Its compact design and low weight of merely 3.6 g enable easy integration in any camera systems. The RS08 uses a blade with high emissivity (>94%) conforming closely to the ideal Planckian black body. It therefore provides reference values, thus reducing the uncertainty of the ambient environment, for a reliable temperature reading of infrared cameras. In that regard, remote fever detection by means of handheld or stationary thermal imagers is an important application. In addition, the RS08 can be used for non-uniformity correction (NUC).
Nanomotion is a leading manufacturer of precise, piezoelectric motion systems for a variety of
applications. SphereOptics GmbH is distributor for Nanomotion in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

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